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As the creators, ambassadors and faces of this new makeup line, the Kardashian

sisters embody beauty, style and fashion in a manner that is desirable. A flawless skin is the trademark of the sisters. And who does not want Kourtney’s neutrals and lashes, Kim’s smokey eyes and nude lips or Khloé’s shimmery eyes and blush?

The sisters wanted to share their access to luxury formulas with their fans. And Kardashian Beauty does just that! It is a prestige product range with high quality formulas at very accessible prices. Each product has been designed with Kourtney’s, Kim’s and Khloé’s direction, input and guidance. Every product formula has been tested and approved by all three girls.

With Kardashian Beauty you can recreate the signature looks for which the Kardashian sisters are famous. The high quality products with a luxury feel enable you to attain flawless looks at home. Besides that, Kardashian Beauty brings you beauty how-to’s, insider information and behind the scenes tips provided by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé and their make-up artists. 

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