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Deciem Beauty Group is all things beauty. As an ambitious umbrella of beauty brands, our growing portfolio encompasses 10 operating brands and six brands under development, targeting a broad spectrum of market segments including upper-mass, mass-prestige and exclusive. Some of these brands have already become leaders in their focused categories.


Most skincare products use molecules that are either too large to even penetrate the skin, or so small that they pass through the skin completely, missing essential treatment areas. While most clinical brands have focused on ‘penetration’ into the skin, Hylamide is focused on controlled-depth of penetration to target multiple skin depths and functions in single treatment regimens. Hylamide encapsulates actives in varying molecular sixes, ensuring that the right active is delivered to exactly the right place. This next-generation blend of multi-function, multi-depth ingredients allows for a novel targeted treatment experience. Hylamide is changing everything.

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