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Dr.Lipp is a lover of women. He has dedicated his life to womankind and endeavours to find natural solutions for women of all ages (which by the way sometimes work for men too). 

Top 10 Beauty Uses

1. Long lasting lip-gloss 

2. Cheek shine 

3. Eye gloss for a dewy look 

4. Eyebrow shaping 

5. Lip primer - helps prevent blotching 

6. As a mixer for pigments

7. Perfect for ‘glitter lips’, ‘eye glitter’ & diamantes 

8. Skin Primer – smoothes flakey skin before foundation 

9. Smooth fly away hair 

10. Gloss nails naturally

Top 10 Skincare Uses

11. Chapped lips 

12. Dry cuticles 

13. Dry skin patches 

14. Fine lines under the eyes 

15. Split ends 

16. Eye lashes 

17. Itchy and sore skin 

18. Small cuts, burns & abrasions 

19. Sore noses from blowing 

20. Sore nipples from breastfeeding

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