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With an amazing reputation amongst beauty professionals and celebrities, presence in luxury salons worldwide and a founder who’s determined to innovate even more pioneering treatments in the world of skincare, there’s no doubt that Crystal Clear is a truly innovative global brand.

Since we launched Crystal Clear in 1995, we’ve been committed to solving the important skincare issues that make such a difference to our customers’ lives. As well as this commitment, we’ve got a set of four key values that guide every decision we make. They represent who we are, and we’d never compromise them!

Firstly, we’re dedicated to innovating new treatments and products to solve your skincare needs: whether you suffer from acne, dry skin or simply need an extremely effective anti-ageing treatment or product. Secondly we always aim to be uplifting, from the ambience in our salons to our new product ranges. Building on this, we want to be inspirational with our positive attitude to skincare. And finally, we’re results-focused: whether we’re holding a personal consultation or developing a brand new salon treatment.

I’m Sharon Hilditch, CEO and innovative developer of Crystal Clear International.

I gained my first qualification in Beauty Therapy when I was 17 years old. I was determined to go into business from a young age so, thanks to a small loan, I was able to buy my first beauty salon a few years later.

Even after owning and running a number of salons for a couple of years, I was determined to learn more about skincare. I spent the next five years working with some of the most renowned skincare experts in the world, including six months working with American dermatologists in the US, studying the effects of skin peeling on different skin types.

After spending more time studying abroad, this time with a pioneering Italian doctor, I became determined to find an anti-ageing alternative to surgery and painful laser treatments. I’ve worked closely with women who’ve undergone such procedures and seen first-hand how the post-operative complications often far outweigh the benefits. Like many women, I was determined to find a gentler anti-ageing alternative.

This experience encouraged me to take the next and most important step in my career; launching Crystal Clear. Developing and launching the products and brand has taken all of my clinical skincare expertise and a lot of determination, but I am delighted with the results. In fact, I’m certain that our products will brighten up your life just as much as they’ve brightened mine.

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