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How It All Began It was movie magic that launched a famous beauty trend. In 1916, legendary movie director, D.W. Griffith wanted Seena Owen, the leading lady of his epic movie, "Intolerance," to have glamorous lashes so long they would gracefully touch her cheeks when she fluttered her eyes or looked down thoughtfully. A wig maker wove human hair through fine gauze and gummed them to Owen's eyelids creating the very first set of false eyelashes. Needless to say, women wanted the same movie star lashes and a trend was born.

In the decades following the introduction of the very first ARDELL lashes, the brand earned its title as one of the most widely recognized names in faux lashes by catering not just to women looking to enhance their own beauty, but also to legions of beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists. The comfort and affordability of ARDELL lashes makes them a small luxury that elevates beauty to another level. Makeup artists will agree that a Red Carpet look is not complete without a pair of lashes to accentuate the eyes and add glamour. Today, ARDELL offers an extensive lash collection with more than 125 different styles to suit every woman, every event and every lifestyle. ARDELL’s coveted natural looking, lush lashes are now available at thousands of retail and professional outlets worldwide.

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