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We are Natalie Roche LTD – the UK & Ireland Distributor of Full Brow Cosmetics a spunky, indie, Australian cosmetics brand that is everything eyebrows.

The story is simple, Full Brow are all about creating super simple, quality brow products for people just like us & their prices are good too! You can find their small and quirky creative team in Melbourne, blissfully working on the next Brow-vention!


Super accessible and high quality, Full Brow creates fuss-free, affordable makeup. Never ever skimping, our makeup is chocked full of good-for-you vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is made to ultra-high standards in Europe.

Always paraben and cruelty free, with vegan-friendly options, Full Brow has a range of colours to choose from so you can create your perfect Full Brow! So, whether HD brows are your thing, you’re a natural nelly, or even if you’re brand new to brows, there is a product you’re sure to love at Full Brow.

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